Flexicare provides free, flexible babysitting for families with a disabled child from birth to 18.  As a charity, not a statutory agency, we can offer services led by the needs of our families.

Flexicare operates within an eight to ten-mile distance of Oxford city centre, as well as the areas of Wantage and Grove.  An indicative map is available on the Contact page.  Anyone can refer a child for registration (full details of how to contact us are on the Contact page).  Children must be under the age of 12 at the time of referral.

Once a child has been referred, two of our coordinators will arrange a visit to assess the child’s needs and determine whether the child meets our registration criteria.  Children who meet our criteria generally have issues with mobility, communication or safety awareness.

As each child is unique, it is not possible to give details of what conditions will meet our criteria.  As a general rule of thumb, if a child is in mainstream school, even with support, they are unlikely to qualify for our service.

Likewise, if your child’s care needs are similar to those of other children (even if they are more like a younger child than one of their own age), they are unlikely to qualify for our service.

It’s always good to give us a call and we can carry out a provisional phone assesement, once all the permissions have been recieved we can then move forward and arrange an assesment visit.

After a child is registered, families are offered – on average – 2 to 3 babysits a month, up to 4 hours long.  Care will also be offered to siblings under the age of 14.  Our families use Flexicare for all kinds of reasons: one-on-one time with siblings, nights out with friends, dentist appointments, yoga classes, a quiet cup of coffee.  However, we can’t offer babysits so you can go to work.  Registered children remain with Flexicare until their 18th birthday, or until they no longer meet the criteria for our services.